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I am a game developer, crafter, and writer. Here is some of my best work. 

Game Development

Yomi's Gate: A dynamic, two-player strategy game about samurai and oni where the board is different every time you play. Now only available as a print and play. (Instruction manual here)

Breaker Blocks: A two-player strategy game about building the board dynamically as you play, a duel of both numbers and physical space. Available as a print and play. (Instruction manual here)

Dead Sails: A bidding and bluffing game for 2-4 players about pirates and secret treasure. No longer available. (Instruction manual here)

Kaiju Stadium: A two-player strategy game about giant monsters playing sports. (Instruction manual here)

Divine Deception: A bluffing game for 2-4 players about lying, cheating, and stealing to please the new gods. In development and not yet available. 


Stencil art: Everything from bonfires to pop culture trash pandas, displayed on mixed media from shirt vinyl to engraved glassware.

TowerFall merchandise: Officially sanctioned, single-layer stencil art of the game's original cast of characters, most prominently showcased on laser-engraved glass. 


Non-fiction: A story of one of the worst years of my life, all of it true, spiraling around a broken chronology and lyrics from The Wonder Years.

Game reviews: My favorite review is of Greg Lobanov's mobile game, Perfection

Game development: A postmortem of what it was like to exhibit at SXSW 2015, then again after the show was updated in 2016. 

Academia: An assortment of academic writings in criminology and criminal justice, including encyclopedia articles in the Jay Albanese New Encyclopedia of Criminology. Available upon request.