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Breaker Blocks

Breaker Blocks is a 10-minute, two-player tabletop game of circuit building and sabotage. Place power tiles to charge up your own circuits while using action tiles to alter the state of the board, doing everything from drawing extra tiles to reconfiguring your opponent's circuits. Can you end the game while you're winning or will your opponent get the upper hand?

Originally designed for a game jam at Philly Dev Night, it has since been shown at local Philadelphia events, won a spot in the Indie Arcade at the Smithsonian American Art Museum event, and been nominated for a multiplayer award in the 2016 SXSW Gaming Awards. It was an official selection for the 2016 PAX East Indie Megabooth

Breaker Blocks is designed and physically produced entirely by Jake. He uses a laser to engrave and cut the all-acrylic game components and hand-stamps the bag it comes in. It is available physically at and in Print & Play form on

Yomi's Gate

Yomi's Gate is a dynamic strategy game for two players where the board is different every time you play. In it you can side with the Samurai Legion or the Oni Horde to do battle in a war game that sets up in under two minutes and plays in under an hour. Capture your enemy's stronghold, defeat their heroes, or wipe out their standing army to win. 

Yomi's Gate is the first Spriteborne release, launched from the show floor at SXSW 2015 where it was nominated in the Gaming Awards. Like all of Spriteborne's games, it is designed and produced entirely by Jake, right down to the game's intricately assembled, solid acrylic box. It is available exclusively at


      Spriteborne is a solo studio operated by Jake Vander Ende. Jake has been designing games since he was a kid, growing up with console games and hobby shops. Yomi's Gate was his first game release in March 2015, followed shortly by Breaker Blocks. He has been a regular attendee of Philly Dev Night at the Philly Game Forge since February 2013. 

      Outside of games, Jake crafts all sorts of other physical items at using a laser to engrave glass, wood, vinyl, and more. Jake has been running Spriteborne full-time since September 2012. 


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