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On the Pricing and Release of Yomi's Gate

I have several announcements to make regarding the release and pricing of Yomi's Gate. 

Yomi's Gate is releasing on Friday, March 13th here on 

The full release will come in several versions. 

  • Yomi's Gate Deluxe ($120): This version will include black maps, a black samurai army, a red samurai army, a black oni army, a red oni army, and a hand-crafted, solid acrylic, laser engraved box. The deluxe edition will also be the only way to get red armies. 
  • Yomi's Gate Standard ($60): Includes black maps, black samurai and oni armies, an orange samurai army, and a blue oni army. The acrylic box is an expensive, time-intensive creation, so this version won't come with that. I'm looking at getting cardboard boxes made with some sort of insert, but right now this version will come bubble wrapped in a shipping box. 
  • Yomi's Gate Basic ($45): This version is samurai-only,including clear maps, a clear samurai army, and a blue samurai army. The Basic version uses clear acrylic for the boards and omits the oni to provide the cheapest version of the game possible. 
  • Individual Armies ($10): Individual armies will also be available, so if you buy Basic, if you already have Early Access, or if you want new colors, you can simply buy the factions and colors you want. 

For attendees of SXSW, Yomi's Gate is getting an exclusive collector's edition. 

I'll have exactly 10 copies of the Deluxe edition, serialized and engraved with exclusive SXSW boxes. It should go without saying, but this is an extremely limited run and it's certain to be a collector's item. Stop by Booth 157 at the Palmer Events Center for details on how to get your hands on the SXSW collector's edition. 

I'll also have about a dozen copies of the Standard Edition for those looking to get a copy as soon as possible and save on shipping. 

See you Friday!